The Myth of the ‘Carolina Comeback’

Raleigh legislators are still blithely cheering for the “Carolina Comeback” even as the July jobs report shows that 19,848 additional North Carolinians are without work. It’s time we start asking for real answers as to why North Carolina continues to lag behind the national average when it comes to jobs and employment.


Six years after the official start of the Great Recession, there are still too many NC families that are still struggling to find work.  And for those who have found work, the paychecks that they are bringing home aren’t back to pre-2008 levels, which means more families are being forced to live paycheck to paycheck.


The current batch of Raleigh politicians have long said that corporate tax cuts and tax cuts for the wealthiest residents will drive economic growth across the state. At the same time, they have made deep cuts to programs like education and medicaid. Legislators like Steve Ross are burning through our state resources so fast that they can’t even find enough real state revenue to fund their own teacher raise package. Middle class families deserve a state government that works for them.


I stand for all North Carolinians and I’ll fight for legislation that drives real growth in our state without sacrificing the quality of our schools and communities. Show your support today by volunteering with our campaign or helping us fund voter outreach.

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