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Cultivating New Jobs in Burlington, NC

Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to join over 400 entrepreneurial leaders from around the world in Kansas City, MO. The ESHIP Summit was hosted by the Kauffman Foundation and sought to begin putting together a playbook of strategies that communities can implement to accelerate entrepreneurship. The main theme of our discussions […]

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Getting Past the Same Old Excuses

The vibrancy of our Main Street downtown is a direct indicator of the overall health of our community. When buildings sit vacant and deteriorating, they suck the energy out of the surrounding community. We’ve all seen it happen with Western Electric, May Hosiery, and countless other sites around out city. We must reverse this by […]

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Hidden in Plain Sight – Burlington’s Greatest Assets

No man is and island and no city can survive without outside perspective. I’d like to thank my fiancee for sharing the video that inspired this post. If you have 15 minutes, watch this TedTalk video about the PlaNYC program. Its perspective and data driven results from simple and temporary city planning experiments are inspiring. […]

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