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Cultivating New Jobs in Burlington, NC

Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to join over 400 entrepreneurial leaders from around the world in Kansas City, MO. The ESHIP Summit was hosted by the Kauffman Foundation and sought to begin putting together a playbook of strategies that communities can implement to accelerate entrepreneurship. The main theme of our discussions […]

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Rekindling the Spirit of Burlington – Innovation from Within

Our city needs jobs. Since our founding, Burlington has seen many industries come and go, and as an industry leaves, it decimates the community that is left behind. We can break this cycle by cultivating innovation within our city. The innovative spirit of entrepreneurship found in our residents will initiate our city’s next chapter. It […]

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The Jobs That We Really Need

In our candidate forum a couple of weeks ago, my opponent claimed big gains bringing new jobs to our state. What he failed to mention is that his policies and the policies of his fellow Raleigh lawmakers have failed. North Carolina’s unemployment rate continues to lag behind the national average. And his failed policies have let […]

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Working for our Working Families

When I knock on doors and talk to voters, I hear the same stories. Stories about the struggle to find work. The struggle to find work that allows our neighbors to support their families. Since the recession, the average time that it takes someone to get the necessary retraining and find a job has doubled. […]

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