Getting Past the Same Old Excuses

The vibrancy of our Main Street downtown is a direct indicator of the overall health of our community. When buildings sit vacant and deteriorating, they suck the energy out of the surrounding community. We’ve all seen it happen with Western Electric, May Hosiery, and countless other sites around out city.

We must reverse this by filling these spaces with creative new businesses that actively engage our community in the revitalization process. This has been the goal of my work with Burlington Beer Works Brewery and Restaurant. Having a City Council and a mayor that actively champion creative uses of space and works proactively to enable our community’s ideas to be implemented will make further progress possible.

Our city’s future needs additional arts, entertainment and family oriented businesses that breathe new life into our main streets and quiet neighborhoods. It’s going to take a fresh approach and breaking out of our comfort zone. To do it we must rid ourselves of the excuse, “We’ve never done that before,” and ask what is truly possible in the Burlington of tomorrow.Downtown Burlington NC

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