Happy 31st Birthday Mayor Baltutis – Let’s Chip in to Keep You Around

Happy Birthday Mayor Baltutis! You may be 31 today, but you’re still the youngest Mayor in Burlington’s history and you’re doing a great job. In just 8 months we’ve seen new developments all across our city. A few of the highlights are:

  • The bright green and blue LINK Transit buses that launched on June 6th and now connect our citizens to the education, jobs, and healthcare services that they need to maintain a high quality of life.
  • A new farmers market on Tuesdays at North Park that is bringing fresh, healthy produce to citizens in our North Burlington food desert.
  • Front St in Downtown Burlington is at nearly 100% occupancy for the first time in decades. Downtown is bursting back to life.
  • The new Destination Burlington strategic plan is in full swing with Council discussing the addition of development friendly options that ensure high-quality growth in our community.
  • Burlington’s new Economic Development department is hiring! These new city positions will focus on revitalizing vacant and under-utilized urban properties all across our city.

It’s been an exciting year in Burlington and we’re looking forward to much more to come. But Ian’s 2-year term is too short to make serious progress on many of the issues facing our city. We need him around to keep fighting for the progress that our community needs. Let’s help Ian out by chipping in to give him a headstart on the 2017 Election. Donate $31 birthday dollars to Ian’s campaign today.

Here’s a few highlights of Ian’s past few months.

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