Happy 32nd Birthday Mayor Baltutis!

The strength of a community lies in the passion of its people and organizations. Before and during his first term in office, Ian has devoted his time to recognizing and supporting the amazing work of the volunteers and leaders throughout our community.  In honor of his 32nd birthday, Ian invites you to join him in supporting the organizations which are working tirelessly to inspire the future progress of Burlington.  How you contribute is up to you, the important part is picking an organization that you consider critical to our community.

Here’s how our birthday event works:

1. Pick an amazing local program, organization, non-profit, charity, school, church, etc. that you would like to support.

2. Find out how to give. Look up their website, give their office a call, or check out their social media page for more info.

3. Make a donation in honor of Ian’s 32nd birthday. We suggest making a $32 donation, but feel free to get creative – 32 canned goods for the food pantry, 32 minutes of volunteer service, 32 kittens cuddled at the animal shelter, have fun!

4. Share your donation on social media. Take a photo related to your gift. Tag Mayor Ian Baltutis along with #HappyBdayMayorB and #MillennialMayor. Tell all your friends and encourage them to give too.

Together we each make this community special. When we all pitch in we can inspire amazing progress in our community. Join us in making this a truly monumental day in Burlington.

Check back with us as we track donations made throughout the day.


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