Letter from the Mayor – Learning to Campaign for Election

For the past four months I’ve been spending my weekends with an amazing group of current and future elected leaders. On Friday afternoon we’d descend on Greensboro from all across the state and for two days each weekend we’d dig into topics like campaigning, municipal budgeting, legislative bills, and ethics. Some sessions were lectures while others gave us the opportunity to ask in-depth questions to panels of North Carolina experts including think tankers, veteran lawmakers, judges, reporters, and campaign advisors. But the best part was that we did all of this a group of leaders from all different political persuasions and leanings. Together we studied and learned as peers in the multi-partisan environment that is the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership.

I’m honored to have been accepted as a member of the NC IOPL Spring 2017 Fellows program. If you’re interested in running for office someday, I highly encourage you to apply to their program. And while we’er on the topic, 2017 is a municipal election year. That means that cities all across North Carolina and Alamance County have elections on November 7th. In Burlington, my seat is up for election as well as two of our Council Seats currently held by Council-members Jim Butler and Celo Faucette. I highly encourage anyone interested in helping to lead your community to consider running for office. I first dove into politics in 2013 to contest the Burlington Mayor race and help broaden the community conversation in Burlington. The journey hasn’t been easy, but it has been immensely enjoyable.

Municipal campaign season is a great opportunity to come together and engage in constructive discussion about the future of our community. If you’re interested in running for office, consider applying to programs like NC IOPL or stop by the Alamance County Board of Elections. Filing begins July 7th and wraps up on July 21st. The strength of our democracy depends on the willingness of people to serve and lead in public office.

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