Now is as Good a Time as Any – Let’s Do it Now

I had the opportunity to speak to nearly a hundred students and their parents at the Walter M. Williams High School Finance Academy induction earlier this Fall. During that speech I opened with a quote that is particularly relevant to this year’s election.

Now is as good at time as any - Hugh Laurie

When is anyone ready? When is a sports team ready to win? When are you precisely prepared enough to launch into your next adventure? Maybe that answer isn’t so easy. Maybe there is no definitive answer.

Should I have been ready at age 22 to start a global product design and manufacturing company? Logic might seem to say no, but really what does the actual beginning of anything look like? Nothing happens all at once. Everything grows, evolves and develops. Some opportunities move and change faster than others. The real skill in leadership is adapting to that change as everything unfolds. Now is simply a moment and “ready” is a perspective unique in each of us.

Now is as good a time as any to make this vision a reality. I’m in if you are. Let’s make this happen. Vote Tuesday!

Oh, and following that speech a few weeks ago, half a dozen students approached me afterwards to say that they were ready. They wanted to start their businesses and ventures now, in high school. Because this is their opportunity. This is their time. I believe in them. Do you?

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