Rekindling the Spirit of Burlington – Innovation from Within

Our city needs jobs. Since our founding, Burlington has seen many industries come and go, and as an industry leaves, it decimates the community that is left behind. We can break this cycle by cultivating innovation within our city. The innovative spirit of entrepreneurship found in our residents will initiate our city’s next chapter. It will be a chapter of diverse new industries spurred on by vision and creativity.

We need a mayor who actively seeks out that innovative spirit and supports it throughout every corner of our community. Our entrepreneurs have the power to create the innovation-driven jobs that our local economy needs. For each high-tech job that we create in Burlington, five additional service and support sector jobs will follow. High quality, living wage jobs are critical to the long-term growth of our community.

I am the mayoral candidate who understands how to open our city up to new industries and technologies through collaboration with these entrepreneurs. And I know that I can’t do this alone. That’s why we have spent years reaching out into the community and engaging with citizens of all ages. There is still more work to be done and I need your help. Because when opportunity knocks, we must be ready to answer.

Eric Henry with Ian Baltutis - Two Innovative Burlington Leaders

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