The long walk to victory – Striving to represent ALL of Burlington

There are just 5 days left to Election Day 2015. That’s just 5 more days to reach voters all across our city. It’s been a long path so far, filled with thousands of great supporters, inspiring conversations and a couple worn-out walking shoes.

I discovered yesterday, during a particularly rainy morning of canvassing neighborhoods in the East Burlington Precinct that I have managed to wear a hole through the sole of my latest pair of shoes. By “discovered,” I mean that my right sock became very wet, very quickly. That was followed by an obnoxious squishing sound with every step that I took.

In my months of trekking across Burlington I’ve discovered a strange coincidence. I seem to wear through ballpoint pens and shoes at about the same rate. Now if only new pairs of comfortable shoes were as easy to come by as a random free pen. My latest pen was found in the Harris Teeter parking lot and has been going strong for almost a month now.

In 2013, I covered a lot of ground, walked hundreds of miles and visited nearly 4,000 residents all across Burlington. I committed myself to engaging in constructive conversations with residents from every neighborhood in our community. We need a mayor who works to represent everyone in our city and there is no better way to do that then by getting out and personally walking this community.

We’ve been back at it again. The soggy weather over the past couple months has meant that I’ve relied on my trusty campaign steed (Nifty the bright green Honda) to get me around between neighborhoods. Maybe you’ve spotted her around town? She’s hard to miss. Together we have racked up some serious miles.

Nifty the campaign HondaOur goal is to reach 6,000 residents this year. We’ve still got lots of ground to cover to make that goal, but every block, cul-de-sac and doorstep gets us closer to victory on November 3rd. See you soon!

What’s your plan to vote? Will you stop by the Board of Elections office for early voting or will you vote on Election Day? Either way, voting takes just a few minutes this year. Make your plan and remind a friend to vote. Together we will win for Burlington.Ian Baltutis out canvassing Burlington

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